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Building a Culture of Honesty, Trust, and Accountability at Remedy

10 April 2016

It’s been nearly four months since two of my best friends and I left MIT to work on something together. After a significant amount of exploration and iteration, we finally discovered a thesis and vision that we wanted to dedicate the next ten years of our life to — fundamentally redesigning ou...


The Curse of Dimensionality and the Autoencoder

10 March 2015

Let's say you're working on a cool image processing project, and your goal is to build an algorithm that analyzes faces for emotions. It takes in a 256 pixel by 256 pixel grayscale image as its input and spits out an emotion as an answer. For example, if you passed in the following image, you'...


Genetics as a Social Network - A Data Scientist's Perspective

18 January 2015

Data science and biology have never really mixed well. And in retrospect, it’s pretty understandable why. Biology and medicine have their own lingua franca, which makes for a pretty steep learning curve. People who thrive at this intersection not only have to be in tune with the fundamentals o...


A Deep Dive into Recurrent Neural Nets

11 January 2015

Last time, we talked about the traditional feed-forward neural net and concepts that form the basis of deep learning. These ideas are extremely powerful! We saw how feed-forward convolutional neural networks have set records on many difficult tasks including handwritten digit recognition and o...


Deep Learning in a Nutshell

29 December 2014

Deep learning. Neural networks. Backpropagation. Over the past year or two, I've heard these buzz words being tossed around a lot, and it's something that has definitely seized my curiosity recently. Deep learning is an area of active research these days, and if you've kept up with the field o...


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